Old Books

I have a thing for old books. There's something about them that's just...comforting. Maybe it's the smell. Maybe it's that they're falling apart. Maybe it's that you can hold so much history in your hands.

Yesterday, for no reason whatsoever, my friends (I have the greatest friends!) gave me a gift —an old book. But not just any old book, it's a Leica Manual from 1951! Now I just need a Leica! That has forever been my dream camera. I can't wait til the day I finally have one in my possession. If anyone's feeling generous, I'd like a Leica X2 please.

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One Response to “ Old Books ”

Kerry Miller said...

Old books are amazing! I wish I had more in my collections. This one is beautiful. I love the smell, the look and feel of them too. I have one of my mom's books, Lord of the Flies, that is falling apart, but I can't get rid of it cause like you said there is so much history that comes with it.

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