Pretty Finds

There are so many pretty things online. I love artsy blogs and I hope to someday have a repertoire of blog readers like some of my favorite blogs have! In the meantime, I will refer you to those blogs. Here are some pretty finds for the day!

Happy Wednesday!

1. Fossil's May Playlist. "To Me" by Chet Faker is my favorite, I think.

2. Four Instagrammers to follow. I want my instagrams to start to resemble these types of photos! :)

3. This is GENIUS! How to do a packing tape transfer! I wanna decorate my house with things like this!

4. I used to work at a gift and stationery company so it's only natural that I have a love for pretty patterns!

6. I love, love, love handbags! And this one is definitely on my lust list

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2 Responses to “ Pretty Finds ”

Kerry Miller said...

Thanks for sharing all of these awesome blogs ! Yours should definitely be on this list !

Elizabeth Walker said...

Aww I am honored you think so highly of my blog! :-D

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