Hungry for the Word

There are days when I wake up so hungry for the word—I can't even bring myself to make breakfast before opening it up. (And believe me, for a person like me, that is HUGE.)

Then there are days like today, days like every single day this week, when I find myself so distracted by petty things around me. The internet, Netflix, and my never-ending piles of email—neither one of those things is evil in and of itself. But when they distract me from the Lord, they become evil.

A friend of mine posted a blog saying that she was taking a "selah" from blogging and then went on to describe the word. In the book of Psalms, Selah meant a pause or a rest, a state of meditation on the good things the Lord has done. Contrary to her, I find that blogging is often my selah. I love putting into words the good things God is doing in my life. I love sharing the joy that the Lord has given me.

Lord, please help me to be on fire for You. I want to be a wildfire, so contagious that people want to hear what You are doing in my life. Give me a hunger and an appetite for You and for Your word, so that I want it right when I wake up.

"Unless we know what God commands, we can’t obey Him, but if we know His commandments, believe them, 
and obey them, then His power goes to work in our lives. 'And His commandments are not 
burdensome' (1 John 5:3 NKJV). Obeying the Lord 
becomes a joyful privilege when you realize that 
His commandments are expressions of His love, 
assurances of His strength, invitations to His blessing, opportunities to grow and bring Him glory, 
and occasions to enjoy His love and fellowship 
as we seek to please Him. 
God’s Word is the open door into
the treasury of His grace."
-Warren Wiersbe

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3 Responses to “ Hungry for the Word ”

Craig Walker said...

Amen my love! X x x

Elizabeth Walker said...

I'm glad you enjoyed that, baby! I love you! x

Kerry Miller said...

This is amazing! Inspring and hits home for sure.

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