Hipstamatic Disposable App

Today, we have friends coming over for a barbecue. (Haha, does anyone else have trouble spelling this word? I usually just type "BBQ" to be safe.) Problem is, it's 52 degrees (that's 11 degrees celcius for you English folk) and raining. It's been raining all night.

Don't get me wrong. I love the rain. It's soothing and therapeutic. But not when you're supposed to have a barbecue. Sorry, I digress. Back to the MAIN purpose for this post...

I was scrolling through my iPhone trying to find apps to delete. I always have a space issue on my 16gb iPhone 4S. They need to make one with macho storage for app hoarders like me. Anyways, I came across Hipstamatic Disposable.

Hipstamatic Disposable AppHipstamatic Disposable App

Does anyone else remember this app?? It was one of the greatest! You can share "disposable" cameras with friends. And just like proper disposable cameras, you can't see the pictures until you finish the whole roll and get it developed. I remember the anticipation that came with sharing a camera with friends, eager to see the excitement everyone captured.

Sadly, this app disappeared off of the iTunes store. Life in LoFi posted a blog about its disappearance as well. It makes me so sad. I know this happened close to two years ago, but I just can't bring myself to delete it from my phone (even though I'm one of the lucky few that has it backed up to my computer). I guess the fun is just minimized now that most of my friends no longer have it. Most of the fun was in sharing the cameras.

I hope that this app someday returns. I'm not very hopeful though.

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2 Responses to “ Hipstamatic Disposable App ”

Kerry Miller said...

I am in the same boat with the spelling. I usually just type BBQ hehe. Rain and bbqing don't usually mix, no fun. Time with friends is always fun and rain makes for a good story. This app sounds awesome, wish I knew about it and that it was still around. Great post.

Elizabeth Walker said...

I definitely wish it was still around too!

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