Red Apple Polish

Whose bright idea was it to make nail polish wands that don't go down to the bottom of the nail polish bottle?

I finished a nail polish bottle today. My first time ever. I have this problem where I buy too many nail polishes so they either dry out or break before I get the chance to use them up. Today, I faced another problem. There's about 5mm left inside the bottle that my wand just wont reach! So frustrating!!

Fashionistas, what do you do when you face this problem? I just can't bring myself to throw away my Red Apple polish.

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2 Responses to “ Red Apple Polish ”

Kerry Miller said...

Gorgeous color! But I hate that too when you can't get to the last of the color and I can never get myself to throw away my nail polishes especially my faves. I have heard adding clear nail polish can help, but never tried it before. Let's invent an object to help with this dilemma. Don't throw it away, we will fix the problem hehe :)

Elizabeth Walker said...

I'll have to try the clear polish method sometime!

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