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What happens when you're bored...


So, I was listening to music and I don't even know which song these lyrics are from...but I was playing with photoshop at the same time and this was the result. Rachel, my fellow photoshopper, you might enjoy this.

Microsoft Word is not a Christian.


Microsoft Word is not a Christian. I have decided.

Why does it not care if "Jesus Christ" is capitalized or not, but then underlines "internet" in green when it is left uncapitalized? Is the internet more deserving than Jesus Christ? Apparently to the Microsoft Corporation...

Well, actually, Microsoft might be Catholic. I remember writing a paper that had "virgin Mary" in it. But every time I wrote it, it automatically capitalized the word "virgin." Apparently that's a proper title that must be capitalized. And just to test it out, I tried it with my name. Nope, "virgin Elizabeth" was not capitalized. Microsoft does not recognize my virginity. Sad.

Summary of this blog:
1. Jesus is Lord.
2. The internet is not God.
3. I am a virgin.


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Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa’s Jr. Highers got back from camp today…the camp with school. Since they’ve come back, I’ve seen innumerable amounts of myspace status changes saying how they loved camp and how camp was such a blessing and how it was life changing. Reading those status changes blessed me. It made me feel so good that all these Jr. Highers had such an incredible time out there—them with Jesus.

Thinking about this made one word repeat in my mind: radiate.

intransitive verb
1: to proceed in a direct line from or toward a center
2: to send out rays : shine brightly

These Jr. Highers are definitely radiating Christ and His love right now. I can feel it. It’s so awesome to hear the things God does in the lives of twelve and thirteen year olds. Probably cuz I don’t remember being so in tune with God when I was their age. God is so awesome! It makes me happy that God is touching this generation that needs Him so desperately. They have seen Him and they are radiating.

Psalm 34:4-5
"I sought the Lord, and He heard me, and delivered me from all my fears. They looked to Him and were radiant, and their faces were not ashamed."

"Radiate" by Telecast

Jesus it’s a beautiful day
I’m so deep in your mercy, I could swim in your grace
Lord the only thing I want to say
Radiate in me

I’m falling in love with you
I’m falling in love with you
Jesus I want nothing more
Than to radiate your love oh Lord
I’m falling in love with you
So radiate in me

Jesus radiate in me today
Let me be a light for you
In a world that seems so grey
Lord I offer up this song of praise
So radiate in me

Father, I pray that You would continue to radiate through the lives of these Jr. Highers. And I pray that You would also radiate through my life.