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life & tenerife holiday

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watching // my apple tv screensaver of pictures from our peak district adventure
eating // marshmallow peeps that just came in the mail. thanks vivian!
drinking // coffee
playing // my all sons & daughters itunes radio station
wearing // pjs. ahh the life of a housewife!
reading // a karen kingsbury novel (always!) & the books of deuteronomy and 1 corinthians
loving // all the exciting things God is doing in my life these days!
learning // how to multitask
working // on a freelance project for GFA UK!
practicing // trust & diligence

life is fun and exciting.
hubs and i got back from tenerife late last friday.
back to sunny gloomy england. no complaints though! i love it here.

here are some tenerife pics!

Why Extreme Couponing Doesn't Work for Everyone


It's not that I haven't tried. And it's not that it's not possible. It's because I am too lazy and I'm too brand-conscious.

I follow this page on Facebook called Extreme Couponing and Deals UK. They practically spoon-feed me. I don't have to do any of the work to find the deals. But as today's example showed, sometimes, I'm just unwilling.

This Flash Liquid Gel is on sale in Sainsbury's right now for 50p. There is currently a coupon on supersavvyme that gives you 50p off of this same item. So essentially, I could walk into Sainsbury's today and get this item for free. A true extreme couponer would print a BUNCH of this coupons out and buy a ridiculous amount to store for the rest of eternity. But nahhh. Why would I go into Sainsbury's when I can get my groceries delivered? I don't have a car, so I have a good excuse, right? And why would print out coupons and waste ink on an item I've never tried before? I am happy with Fairy so I find no need to switch to Flash. 

My theory: these product companies are actually pleased with extreme couponing. It messes with people's heads. People buy ridiculous bulk amounts before they are even set on a brand. Hence, mass marketing at its finest.

I am up for being persuaded otherwise.
Please challenge me. Prove me wrong. Teach me.
I'm all ears.


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That moment when you type out a whole blog, rely on autosave, and then watch it autosave a bunch of nothingness over your lengthy post.