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Folk Fast.

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I haven't listened to one second of folk music for the past week. 7 days. 168 hours. 10080 minutes. 604800 seconds. Not even one second out of those six hundred and four thousand, eight hundred seconds. And my do I miss it! I can't even decide if this folk fast is even helping me with anything.

Oh how I miss you, Dave Barnes! Til we meet again!

Lost Souls.

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Look at the twitter trending topics...

What is this world coming to?! Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson both die on the same day?! WOW. Jesus, please touch the hearts of the lost!

My friend Josh said it best, "God has been making death so real to me lately, it's comforting to know we are secure. Pray that people will wake up."

Crazy Like Van Gogh.


I have come to a strange realization the past couple days. I do not cry about my own emotional rollercoasters. Yes, I am a sucker for a good movie and I will baaaaallllllll my eyes out. And yes, I do cry when I am extreeeeemely stressed. But when it comes to anything dealing with my own emotions, I am a brick wall. This is semi-problematic, seeing as I need some way to "let it out." Since I do not cry, I end up with major anger release issues. I end up going crazy! Crazy like Van Gogh! Good thing I have friends who make sure I don't do any damage. lol. You know who you are...Thanks!

Someone analyze me!

Goodbye for now. But see you again!

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I'm taking a fast.

Not from food, but from folk music—my favorite music in the whole world. If you're a girl, you should understand.

Goodbye Dave Barnes. I will miss you.

Technically, we didn't trespass...although we almost got murdered.


A week ago today, Yvonne and I were in a scary movie.

It all began during our quest to find pretty vineyards to photograph. I had never been to Napa before and Yvonne knew I would like it. Donna drove us there. Somehow, we ended up on a mountain. A very windy mountain. But there were vineyards there too. Who knew?

Yvonne spots an abandoned barn. Immediately, we are both intrigued. Trespassing is my guilty pleasure. After passing it, we convince Donna to take us back. There's a gate in front of it and a fence that is falling apart, but there is no "No Trespassing" sign, so technically we weren't doing anything illegal.

We climb through a broken part of the fence and walk a little closer. We immediately begin taking pictures. It looked like a scene from a movie!

But as we continued walking around, it began getting creepier and creepier. First, there were TONS of snake holes. That made us a little nervous...but to make matters worse, we started noticing the MASSIVE snake eggs. This place was definitely deserted.

Then, to make matters even worse, we found a noose. Yes, you heard me—a noose—an object used to murder people. Don't believe me? I have proof.

And near it was a metal thing sticking out from a tree to hang the noose on. How convenient.

Still, we were here for the adventure so we didn't escape after seeing all the bikes of the children who had been murdered or the piles of rocks under which they were buried. (We come up with superb stories, if I do say so myself!)

Still, one of the three building remained—the scariest one. A dirty white house(?) with doorways but no doors. We walk up close to it, cameras in hand. At first glance, it seemed safe enough. Yes, it was rundown, but nothing too horrible.

But then we noticed them—more piles. Definitely shaped liked body piles. With our hands lifted in picture taking mode, and our fingers on the shutter buttons, we were SO ready to take more pictures...until we heard it. The erie scary movie whisper of the wind. It blew through this haunted house causing a creak from the door that was non-existent. And we dashed off faster than we have probably ever ran before.

As we were running towards Donna's car off in the distance, another scary movie moment took place. My shoe fell off. "Ahh! My shoe!" I yelled, as I turned around and ran in the opposite direction to go get it. Yvonne, being the great friend that she is, risked her life and waited for me. I put my shoe back on and we ran to safety, panting.

This was definitely an adventure! All to see some vineyards...
At least we got to see them! :)

Lessons Learned and Facts Discovered.


You can learn a lot during an eight hour drive!

1) The grass really IS greener on the other side.
2) Squirrels are NUTS. They run across busy roads without even looking both ways.
3) 99% of cows are NOT black and white like the media likes to tell us......oh wait, we found them. They are all at the million cow farm!
4) There are NO crows at Crow's Landing.
5) We saw 116 blown out tires AND we even saw one happening on a big rig! Scaaaary.
6) Pyramids, yes. Egypt, no. But we DID see where Moses struck the rock.
7) We saw a metrolink on the right lane of the freeway.

Today's Untweeted Tweets!

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There were like a MILLION things i wanted to tweet today but i thought i'd spare my tweeps. So i figured i'd just write a blog of tweets instead. Enjoy! :)

• 1-800-GOOG-411 never understands yvonne but it always understands me. She said it's because i sound automated. Lol.
• "i wish i could smack people on facebook." -yvonne
• "listing, city, and state please" "PAPA MURPHY'S, CALIFORNIA!" Yvonne can't tell the difference between listings and cities apparently. Lol. (No, she did not mean papa john's. This is norcal's papa.)
• Paul Cardall's cd titled "Primary Worship" is classified on iTunes as new age. Strange.
• "I love stopping crazy with you in my car cuz then it's like i have my own personal bobblehead." -yvonne

happy heart :)

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This photo makes my heart happy :)

Red Lightening, Van Gogh, & Tornado Watches.


Indiana is different. Haha. But I think that's what makes it so enjoyable!

I feel like I am in the Bible Belt here. I mean, I know I'm not in the south, but it is definitely country here. Way more country than I have ever experienced. And way more churches. Country churches. Haha.

And the first day we got here, I saw RED lightening. It was kinda cool and kinda freaky at the same time. I didn't hear any thunder though, so I felt safe. That was, until the middle of the night. I was awakened twice by the loudest, fiercest thunder I have ever heard. Then it started pouring rain.

It was bright and sunny by the morning though, so my dad and I went to the Indianapolis Museum of Art. And that's where I saw it—an ORIGINAL van Gogh! It was there right before my eyes, hanging on the wall, and NOT encased in glass, even though it is worth $400 million! I was SOOOOOOOOOOO excited! I even took a picture next to it to prove it to all you doubters (and I will upload that as soon as I get home on friday). =] Pretty much, that made my day. It totally surpassed the glory of both the original Picasso and the original Rembrandt I also saw.

Anyways, after three hours at the museum, my dad and I came back to the hotel to wait for my mom. That's when the rain started up again. Crazy rain and crazy winds. They even had a tornado watch! Bizarre weather changes amuse me. But the rain subsided and we went to dinner with my mom and her work people later on. The place where she is being trained, which is only 8 miles from our hotel, apparently had a crazy hailstorm! One lady said it left a ton of marks and scratches on her car and then one guy couldn't even make it cuz his car got completely flooded! Craaaaaazy!

We'll see what tomorrow holds! This is definitely an interesting and exciting vacation!