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The White Screen of Death.

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My phone is dead. Well, not fully, just partly dead. Yes, partly dead is possible...just watch the Princess Bride.

It went psycho the other day. It only works if I never close it. When I close it and open it again, I get the white screen of death. Then I can't do a thing unless I take out the battery and put it back in again. SO annoying!

I managed to keep my phone open for 3 whole days. No putting it in my pocket, no throwing it in my backpack. I felt like I was living in the early 90s when they had those massive cellphones the size of people's heads! The ones that you couldn't fit inside of anything!

Thankfully, it was still under warranty so I was able to get a free damage replacement (although I did have to pay $10 shipping). T-mobile told me they are shipping it via UPS. So today, I tracked it. It's sitting in Ft. Worth, Texas at the moment. Guess I wont have it til next weekend! Laaaaaame.

Nocturnal Lawn Mowers.


I posted this blog almost a year ago. And after last night, I have to second what I said that one night last march. CBU is definitely nocturnal. Someone was once again mowing the lawn after 1 AM. Who does that?! Weirdos.

(Rachel, did you hear it from your cottage again?)



I realized today that i eat way too much pineapple. I eat a whole plate with every meal. If eating too much carrots can turn a person orange, can too much pineapple turn me yellow?



I couldn't stop. I was on a roll last night. I made a bajillion polaroids. Here are some of my favorites! =]

What do you think?

Aretha's Hat.


It was fabulously hilarious!!

But...could Ellen's top it??

The Korean guy who made the hat for Aretha Franklin is gonna make so much money off of this!! hahaha! Read the article here.

Inauguration Day

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I wanted to watch it live. I mean, how many times does a person get to watch a presidential inauguration? But alas, I had class. I kinda saw it. The guy next to me had it open but muted on his computer. So I saw it without hearing it.

Right when I got out of class, I rushed to my room, anxious. I wanted to hear Rick Warren's prayer. 

Four minutes and thirty-nine seconds long. 

Come on, please say the name of Jesus. Please.

He prayed a good prayer, constantly making mention of God. But I wanted to hear the name of Jesus. Finally, before coming to a close, he said it. And not only did he say the name of Jesus, he said it in FOUR different languages. Right there before millions of people. Before the entire world! 

Praise God for Rick Warren's proud proclamation of Jesus Christ! God Bless America! =]

The Marriage Trend.


The whole world is engaged! Or at least that's what it feels like. This past summer, I was overwhelmed with the fact that I knew 14 girls who were engaged. Well, some of them got married already and a few more people I know got engaged. The current count is 9. I have never known so many people that were engaged at the same time! Does that mean I am getting old? The marriage trend is seeping into my age group....Is this what it feels like to be 90 and have the death trend seep in?

There will be a lot more pics like this in the near future! 

Congrats Mary!

Clasping Hands with the Lord.

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"If you for the habit of trusting Me in the easy way,

you will find it the natural thing to lean upon Me
in the difficult situation.
And if I bring you through the river in summer,
you shall not fear to trust Me in flood time.
So clasp your hand in Mine, and do not loosen your hold.
For you cannot tell what great thing I may do for you
through some small happening.
Your every hair is numbered,
and the most incidental occurrences of the most ordinary day
I delight to choose and use to reveal
My earnestness in helping you."

--from Come Away, My Beloved

Another Cute, Little Friend.

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This is Luna. She's the cutest little thing in the world! I love her to death!

Onion Rings


I should have written this blog days ago. 

This is my rant about the new changes at the caf. On-the-go Cafe is interesting. After trying it once, I approve. It's like subway. Kinda. Not as good, and significantly more expensive, but it's decent. A person can get a little sick of to-go sandwiches all the time though. I miss having free reign of what I want in my to-go box.

And this brings me to the main story for my blog. Free reign of what I want. Not just in a to-go box, but all the time. 

I walked up to the burger station and I saw what I wanted. Onion rings. "Can I just have onion rings, please?" I asked the guy serving.


"Umm, are you joking?"

"No, I am serious."

"Wait...what? Why?!?!"

"We only have enough onion rings to go with the burgers. So if you want onion rings, I can give you some if I give you a burger too."

"I don't eat burgers. I want onion rings."

"Sorry. I just gave a guy three onion rings and my boss got mad at me. So do you want onion rings and a burger then?"

"Uhh, no thanks."

I walked away FURIOUS. I have never wanted onion rings so bad in my life. I felt like the little kid who so badly wanted the cookies left on the table but was told not to touch. 

I went to the manager. Mind you, this is something I never do. I am usually compliant doormat Liz, but the onion rings were just calling out my name that day. I wasn't rude to him. I merely asked, "Umm, I am a little confused. I went and asked for onion rings and the guy told me he wasn't allowed to give any to me unless I got a burger too. Is that some new system or something?" 

The manager made a crazy facial expression and told me to follow him. He walks into the burger station and gets some for me on his own. It was amazing! So I got my onion rings. And they were the best onion rings I had in my whole life!

The end.

Two Things My Heart Desires.


Oh my goodness! I just saw it and my heart is racing! Could this be God opening the door to do two things my heart desires??

I went to England last summer for a missions trip. Our church goes every year to help out with Creationfest. I really want to go again, but my heart is with the Jr. Ministry. Last summer, I had to miss Jr. High Summer Camp because it was during the same time as the England trip. Anyways, I just went on the camp's website and camp is July 19-25. "Tentative dates" for Creationfest are August 7-9. If, and only if, my church works around the Creationfest dates the exact same way they did last year, then the trip will probably be July 30th to August 13th. 

God, if it's your will for me to do both, please send me a miracle.

New Year's Resolution.


I know, I know. Who makes their new year's resolutions on the third of January? Well, cut me some slack. I made it yesterday. Only two days late.

K. So I have decided I own too much junk. 

My new year's resolution is to get rid of ALL my old school hairbands. Remember those big puffy ones that were like the cross between hairbands and scrunchies? Yeah, I have probably a few hundred of those from when I was little. Call me a freak. lol.

For years now, I couldn't bring myself to get rid of them. But I find it ridiculous that I have an entire dresser drawer full of them. They are so old that they get stretched out from one wear. I have decided that I am just gonna wear one to bed every night and throw it away the next morning. That way, the should be done by....November...?

A Plate of Doritos.


I am blessed. I love my family. I know I say that a lot, but I just can't help it. Sometimes I wonder why God chose to place me in such a perfect family, but wondering just causes me to thank Him over and over again. 

Honestly, the laughs that take place in family gatherings are innumerable. I have the strongest cheek muscles. I work them out a lot.

Today was marvelous. Actually, yesterday. Haha, it seems like I always blog past midnight.

We had an incredible family gathering for new years. I was bummed at first cuz half of my family wasn't gonna be there cuz they were going to San Diego, but they surprised us by showing up on their way. 

I made 28 kabobs. Myself. (Even though my mom was the one who did the barbecuing.) Mhmm, I am proud. Haha. My dad claimed I was implementing my artistic abilities since I forbade anyone from helping me, fearing that they would ruin my pattern. 

Anyways, back to the laughter story.

It was time to eat so everyone starts yelling at everyone else to come to the table. I glance at the table and break out in laughter. Sarah glances at the table and does the same. It was amazing. Everything was ethnic: kabobs, taboola, mahshi, etc. But wait...not everything. The one plate that ruined our ethnicity and caused our cheek muscles to be strengthened. A plate of doritos. Hahahahaha!

Now, you may be thinking to yourself, That's not funny at all Liz. But if that's the case, then I have to break something to you. You are deprived from a wondrous family such as mine.

Visibility: Zero


(Warning: The end of this blog may contain cheesy symbolism.)

Tonight (or rather, last night), I welcomed in the new year in the most amazing way possible. I went to the high school ministry at my church, which seemed to be more of a college-age ministry this particular night. It was marvelous seeing my friends there and it was awesome worshiping with them. 

The night started off with a concert by the Adam Pasion Band who totally rocked! Then, we watched the most powerful movie I have ever seen in my entire life. The room was in dead silence. I am sure people were trying to hold back from crying. I know I was. Eventually, I couldn't hold it back and longer. Most of the movie wasn't even in english so it was very difficult to read the subtitles with the flood of tears in my eyes. If you plan on seeing this movie in the future and don't want me to ruin it for you, don't read my next paragraph.

The movie told a story of a man who was a bridge operator and his young son. His son wanted to go with his father to the bridge one day and after debating it for a while, he agreed. The next day when they were near the bridge, he told his son to stay in a certain spot without moving. The man heads off to the room with the bridge controls. But then the son hears the sound of the train coming and frantically yells trying to get his fathers attention. In a confused desperation, he moves away from the spot his father told him to remain. The father hears the sound of the train and walks over to the bridge controls, but when he glances out of the window, he doesn't see his son. He runs outside and screams for his son but still cannot find him. He goes back inside and has to make a quick decision of what to do. Does he choose to not bring the bridge down and let the hundreds of people inside the train die? No. He lets the bridge down--in a state of panic--while wailing for the loss of his son. The people on the train had no idea of what took place. They didn't know that anyone's life was lost so that they could live. This movie was deep. It showed of God's sacrifice for us. Sending His son to die in our place. Yet many of us take this for granted. Many of us don't even think about it at all. We go on living our lives as if this great sacrifice never took place.

After we watched this movie, we went into a time of worship and communion and then later a baptism. We were going to have a countdown to bring in the new year, but we got carried away in worship. No chaotic countdown, no watching the big ball drop. We were worshiping our Lord instead. And I would have it no other way. Best way to bring in the new year.

After the night ended, we hung out for a little and then I figured I needed to head home. I walk outside and was shocked at the amount of fog I saw. It was thicker fog than I have seen in my entire life! I couldn't even see the front of my car. As I turned the corner, I couldn't even see the church building! It was terrifying! Getting onto the freeway was even harder. I couldn't see the curve of the onramp and was scared I was going to drive right off of it. I have never prayed so hard while driving in my life. Then I got to thinking, this fog is a lot like my future. I have no idea where I am going and I can't even see the curves and bumps ahead of me. Constant communication with God is key. Worship isn't just for church. I should worship all the time, everywhere. Not just in times of desperation, but in lifelong adoration. 

Father I adore You,
And I lay my life before You. 
How I love You. 

Who cares if my future's visibility is zero. God's got it covered! I'm in a foggy desert but Christ will shine my way!

So here's to a new year!