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My life flashed before my eyes.


My life flashed before my eyes.

$120,000 would have gone to waste because I couldn't graduate because I couldn't be in the senior show because I didn't finish my classes because I didn't finish my photoshoot with Ashley because I dropped my Nikon.

Yes, you read that right, I dropped my Nikon. My beloved humble D40. For the first time—ever.

I don't typically drop things. Especially things that cost more than $50. I have never dropped my laptop and I have never dropped my iPhone. But today was different. My photoshoot with Ashley for my Studio Photography class was just beginning. I set my Nikon on a stool. As I bent down to pick it up, the neck strap got caught on the lever and I lost control—probably because my brain shut off for a second when my heart stopped pumping oxygen to it.

Thankfully, I am short. Yet it was still the longest, most dramatic two feet drop any object has likely ever experienced. Something shattered. Not into a million little pieces, thankfully, but the pieces were broken apart. Panic. Heart racing. Brain dead. Mike ran up to check....The transmitter cover had flown off along with the batteries. Not broken. Thank God. Next came the frightening moment. My thumb flipped the camera switch to on. Then my pointer exerted more force than I thought I had at that moment on the shutter button. "Chhhlick." It worked. I sighed as my heart continued to race.

Here I am close to an hour later. My heart is still racing. But there are two things I am extremely glad about. 1 - My camera is still working. 2 - I dropped my own camera, not Mike's.

"Rock of Ages"

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Rock of Ages, cleft for me, 
let me hide myself in thee; 
let the water and the blood, 
from thy wounded side which flowed, 
be of sin the double cure; 
save from wrath and make me pure. 

Not the labors of my hands 
can fulfill thy law's demands; 
could my zeal no respite know, 
could my tears forever flow, 
these for sin could not atone; 
thou must save, and thou alone. 

Nothing in my hand I bring, 
simply to thy cross I cling; 
naked, come to thee for dress; 
helpless, look to thee for grace; 
foul, I to the fountain fly; 
wash me, Savior, or I die. 

While I draw this fleeting breath, 
when mine eyes shall close in death, 
when I rise to worlds unknown, 
and behold thee on thy throne, 
Rock of Ages, cleft for me, 
let me hide myself in thee.

Table of Contents.

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For fear of copyright infringement, I have chosen to link you to this amazingness rather than copy/paste it here.

It's SOOOO hilarious. I nearly peed my pants.

Oh how I love you, Christian satire.

Go ahead...Click it!

Stuff Christians Like

I have a friend who has a friend who dated Katy Perry.

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I have a friend who has a friend who dated Katy Perry.

Well, Katy Perry, formerly known as Katy Hudson—before she got famous, went crazy, and now has a reputation as a pastor's kid gone wild.

[The reason she changed her name was because a bunch of paparazzi thought she was the famous Kate Hudson and were stalking her house before she even got famous! I don't exactly blame her for getting annoyed!]

It's kind of freaky how much I learned about her from Jon Acuff's blog and from my friend. And it's kind of freaky how people change.

Apparently, Katy Hudson released a Christian cd at the age of 16. Back in the day, she even lead worship at __________. If you're sooooooo curious as to which church she led worship at, ask me in person. I'll keep my celebrity gossip to a minimum in this post.

My oh my. Just read Jon Acuff's blog. He's much more eloquent than I.


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At what point does senioritis turn to apathy? At what point does relaxation turn to stress?

I feel like I am going crazy. So much to do, so little time. My, senior show, is 16 days away. Yeeeeeeeeeesh.

I need a breathing machine.

Ungooglable? I think not.

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I aspire to be the exact opposite of this man. Haha.

Photo source.

Awkward is the new cool.


I was on this blog and laughed out loud when I read the header. "Smart is the new sexy. Awkward is the new cool. Flawed is the new beautiful."

Genius. Utter Genius.

Awkward is the new cool. It really is. Once you have mastered becoming comfortable in awkward situations, you will know how to really live. No strain, no stress.

Dreamy Vintage.

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This blog inspires me:

Hence, the following photograph...

P.S. This is my 300th blog. Let's celebrate!


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The most EPIC cousin's day!

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It was the most EPIC cousin's day. Minus the fact that we were missing Yvette—two more months til she returns!

It started out with Josiah. Cutest kid on the planet. I'm proud to be related to him.

Then watch the progression:
First stop: eyebrow place in Little India. After that, there was some struggle deciding if we should eat at Baja Fresh, Kabuki, or this Indian food place that claimed they had lunch specials for $3.99. We (Me, Sarah, and Susie) ended up at Baja Fresh. Joy caught up to us after we ate, and and we headed over in one car to Guppy's. We bought our boba and headed over to a random park in Cerritos. It was great. We walked around, laid in the grass, sang "Seasons in the Sun," had some crazy adventures on the swings, experienced a proper park bathroom, and entertained ourselves in the workout area. And who could forget Joy's brownie pies! After a long day with many laughs, we went to Target. We bought the most random things, including Dots and Double Bubble! Childhood returns! Then, after spending a century in Target and after almost forgetting to pick up Joy's car, we head back to Sarah's house and have dinner and watch a movie.

EPIC. That's the only word for it.


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My name is Elizabeth Mousa, and I am a shopaholic. But I bet I get better deals than anyone else, so sue me.

I may have to go to shopaholics anonymous after this spring break though.

So far, I have made the following purchases:
1 jean jacket
1 dress
3 shirts
1 bracelet
1 pair of jeans
2 pairs of sandals
2 purses

You think that's bad? Wait til you hear this. I am going shopping with a friend tomorrow. That's right.

It's people like me that keep the stock market afloat in the midst of an economic crisis. You're welcome, sucky economy.


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Spring is almost here! I cannot wait! It's my favorite season— it has the best weather and the prettiest days!

The flowers are already blooming!
4 more days til Spring!
15 days til my birthday!
46 days til graduation!

139 days til I go to England!


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There's something about pre-ordering.

I used to hate it. The thought of paying for something and not having it in my possession for a while drove me nuts. But then I started weighing out the pros and cons. The pros far outnumber the cons.

Oh how it brings joy to my heart to receive a package in the mail that I completely forgot was even coming! It's like Christmas by surprise!

Woooohoooo! I can wait for my surprise packages! (Don't ask me what they are because I have already forgotten.)



The idea of living alone is growing on me. I could totally live in a cute loft...with a puppy.

And I want a bookshelf like this...

We'll see! I have 48 days until I get booted into the real world!

(Photo source: Apartment Therapy)

A Smorgasbord of Emotions.

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"From the end of the earth I will cry to You, 
When my heart is overwhelmed; 
Lead me to the rock that is higher than I." 
Psalm 61:2

Woooooooooooow. Words cannot describe my emotions right now. I am so overwhelmed and burdened for a friend. My heart breaks when I hear of all the things my friends go through. Yet, through these emotions, I find myself praising God for how good He is. How can a God so loving and so perfect not give up on us time and time again? We don't deserve His love and we don't deserve His grace—yet He showers us each and every day.

Hasn't the Lord been good to us, hasn't the Lord been good?
He's done all the things that He said he would, hasn't the Lord been good?
So love God, hate sin, reckon the old man dead.
Love God, hate sin, and by the Spirit be lead!

Tozer's Book of Burns

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I am currently reading a book called "Gems from Tozer." It's a little measly book, a collection of Tozer's...gems, for lack of a better word. I chose to read it because Kay Smith references it A LOT in her book "Pleasing God" and it seemed like something that would interest me.

I have renamed this book "Tozer's Book of Burns." I cannot get through two pages without feeling greatly convicted.

Oh Lord, please bring back the simple, pure faith of those who lived generations before us!

A burn from the book: "The 'deeper life' is deeper only because the average Christian life is tragically shallow."

Faith - "Distorted" Image

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This is Faith. This photo was also for my studio photography class. It was kind of an abstract thinking project...we had to do something with a distorted image. Somehow, this photo came out totally different than what I had initially envisioned, but I like it. What do you think? :)


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This is Greta. These photos were shot for my studio photography class. (Click it and scroll to the right to make sure you see all the images.)


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So, I went to the doctor today...for the first time in FIVE years.

Yes, it's true. I have labyrinthitis, an inner inner ear infection. And now I have some drugs to go with

Thanks for letting me steal your ear infection, roomie! lol.

I want to go away...

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Indiana State Capitol Building, originally uploaded by liiiz.

Is it weird that I am just sick of life as it is? I just want to go away. I am graduating in exactly two months. TWO months. 2!! Who knows what the rest of my life holds! I like Indiana. Maybe I'll go back there. It's pretty. That's a good enough reason to move somewhere, right?