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Relate to Me

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"There is a quiet place of communion in the center of My will. Is is not given to you to see all the actions that bear upon your life. Many influences affect your every thought. You need the quiet time with Me to lift you above the swirling winds of the voices of other people and give you the true direction of My spirit. Man has not the wisdom to direct his own way, nor one man to lead another. My spirit shall direct you, My hand shall guide you and I will bring peace.

Turmoil comes from reacting to people. Peace is born of response to My spirit. There is harmony of soul for those who are in tune with Me. Listening to the false sounds of man will put you in tune with man. He who would be in tune with heaven must hear the tone of My voice. Man clamours for your attention: I wait until your own desire draws you aside. Man demands recognition: I wait for your love. Loving Me will release you from the demands of your own and other men's egos. Loving Me will give you direction when those around you are losing their way. Relate to Me. As you relate first to Me, I will help you to rightly relate to others.

Darkness is related to light. God made the evening and the morning and He called it day. Your experience is a daily combination of evening and morning—darkness and light. Man brings you darkness; I bring you light. Man brings distraction; I bring unity. Man separates; I gather. Man destroys; I give life. I created the darkness as well as the light. You will learn in both. 'The day and the night are both alike to Me' (Psalm 139:12). This is because My light penetrates the darkness. This will become true in your own walk of faith as My understanding enlightens your own heart and ignorance gives way to the illumination of My spirit."

-From Frances Roberts' Make Haste My Beloved