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Lousy Faith

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Lately, God has been revealing His goodness to me in innumerable ways!

I'm recognizing more and more how good He ALWAYS is in spite of my flaws, failures, and weaknesses, and in spite of my lousy faith.

Craig and I have been stressing over money lately. Don't worry, we take turns stressing, so we aren't that much of a mess! Haha! One of my biggest sources of money-related stress has been regarding my wedding dress hunt. I had this idea in my head that I couldn't find a dress for less than $1500. I had done my share of researching and all the ones I liked were around that price. I would pray that God would bring an amazing deal right to me, but every time I did "worried math" in my head, I'd always do it as if I were paying for a $1500. So much for trusting God to bring me a good deal!

This past Thursday, I bought my dress! And not only was it the perfect dress, it was a small fraction of the price I was imagining! God provided even though I was praying faithlessly!

This has happened multiple times in our wedding planning process. Hopefully my faith grows a little!