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Pathetic Reminder...

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Going through the million scraps of paper on my dresser, I came across my receipt from Starbucks the day I sat there alone—waiting—and then getting stood up. 

Oh what a pathetic reminder!

Too Much?

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"Keep two books on your nightstand at all times: one fiction, one non-fiction."

I came across this little nugget of advice the other day. Ironically, it is something I already do....yet I have way more than 2 books. Maybe I read too much at the same time? I donno.

I used to think there was no such thing as reading too much at the same time but now I'm beginning to wonder. Everything gets all jumbled up in your head. Should I cut down? What do you think?

I left my heart in Cornwall.

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These are the things I love.

It's all about the English countryside—forget big cities!

Travel Journal.

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For sake of the weight of my suitcase, I am leaving behind my travel journal. I figured I could always write my thoughts in my regular journal and transfer them, or I could just post here and then transfer them.

And yes, I know what you're thinking. Does my travel journal really weigh that much?? And the answer is yes—1 lb. 2.5 oz.

Our plane takes off in 19 hours. Happy trails! See you on the other side of the Atlantic! Au revoir!