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Interactive Book List - 2013

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I am trying something new this year—something a little more exciting (or so I would think). Rather than having just a written list of books I have completed over the year, I will include clickable book cover images. Fun, I know! Haha!

I don't know how many books I will complete this year. This is a year of new beginnings. By the time you read this, I will have planned my wedding, gotten married, and moved to the other side of the world. Hopefully I will still be able to read a little bit...but if not, don't get too disappointed.

1. Completed - January 21st

2. Completed - January 31st

3. Completed - February 11th

4. Completed - February 15th

5. Completed - July 23rd

6. Completed - September 26th

7. Completed - December 6th


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Dreams are an interesting thing. Not the kind you have when you are sleeping, but the kind you have when you're wide awake, sober minded, and hopeful.

I dreamt of owning a Honda CR-V for yeeeears. It was my dream car. Now, when people refer to cars as their "dream cars," they are usually unattainable—cars that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and an arm and a leg. But after a couple of years of working a "grown up job," I attained my dream. Granted, I didn't pay it all off in one shot, but I was working towards that in the foreseeable future.

The funny thing about dreams is that you often have to let go of one dream to pursue another. The question is, which dream is worth the pursuit?

I had a dream—not as enthralling as Martin Luther King, Jr.'s dream, you might say—but it was a good dream nonetheless. I wanted to live in England. Many a blog have been written about said dream. Though thought of as unattainable, God had different plans in mind.

August 8th, 2011—my life was forever changed when I met my (now) husband...who is English. God is so good to me, making the unattainable attainable, fulfilling my dreams. In hindsight, I am so grateful that I was able to enjoy my dream car for a while. But this dream is so much better. I'm living the dream!

I love my life! I am so blessed.

"The LORD has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy." Psalm 126:3

Social Security

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It's funny how here in England, they verify your identity using your date of birth. As if there is no one on the planet with your name and your birthday. I wonder if there is anyone who has ever challenged this system.

Long live social security! Ha!


Put on the Lord Jesus Christ

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Romans 13:14
"But put on the Lord Jesus Christ
and make no provision for the flesh, 
to gratify its desires."

"Putting on Christ is a strong and vivid metaphor. It means more than put on the character of the Lord Jesus Christ, signifying rather Let Jesus Christ Himself be the armor that you wear." (Morris)

Free Wallpaper!


I've always been a fan of quotes.

Several years ago, I was part of an online project called Project Quotations where a group of avid readers would post different quotes found while reading. Every once in a while, I go onto that site for some encouragement and inspiration. (I'm thinking about possibly reviving the site....Are there any avid readers out there that might be interested?)

I've also always been a fan of downloadable freebies. And I'm a graphic designer. A + B + C = ???

Encouraging quote on a chalkboard on a laptop or iPhone—who wouldn't want that?

Below, you'll find free downloads of my newly designed wallpaper. MacBook Pro, iPhone 4/4S, and iPhone 5/5C/5S formats available!

iPhone 4/4S Format (640 x 960)
iPhone 5/5C/5S Format (640 x 1136)
MacBook Pro 15" Format (1440 x 900)

Extreme Couponing—UK Style!

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Well, today is the 3rd of December. Looking back, I didn't fail as miserably as I thought I would at the 30 Days of Thanks posts. Fourteen out of thirty. Just an F. Ha! Thankfully God isn't grading me. He still chooses to bless me even though I fail at thankfulness. His grace is too good.

Anyways, off topic, but I've been attempting to join the world of extreme couponers. This guy I know posted a picture on facebook the other day—it was a whole bunch of things his wife had purchased. They had a retail value of around $90 but the store paid her $8. How can I be that woman—in England?! I'm already OCD about using coupons at Tesco and shopping on to make sure I am getting the best deal at the best store before I make even the cheapest purchase. I have been pretty proud of myself lately....I found a bunch of printable coupons on and have downloaded apps like Quidco, Shopitize, and Shop Scan Save as well as signed up for online saving programs like Top Cashback.

Alas, I am not English. I feel like I might be missing out on the best super saver deals just because of ignorance. Therefore, this is my cry for help. If you are English, and can help me become an extreme couponer, I would greatly appreciate your help. Comments and suggestions are more than welcome!

Happy Shopping!