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The Hunger Games

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This is precisely why I read Jon Acuff's blog. I am able to sympathize with so many of his readers. 

I am so glad I am not the only person on the planet who hasn't read or seen The Hunger Games.

Green Light.

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I went into my England meeting today confident that I'd come out with an answer in the form of a plan. But of course, God doesn't work my way. I left my meeting not only without a plan, but with more questions. Funny how God does that. I'm learning to rely on Him with the thing that's hardest for me to let go of: my planning. I'm an OCD planner by nature, so this definitely isn't easy. The more He teaches me this though, the more I see that His plan truly is the best in His timing and His way. 

Logistically, I pretty much got the answer I was looking for buuuuut not quite. I was told to pray about it some more. Pray until I get the green light. I said how I hadn't gotten a red light, but I was encouraged to seek God even further. Seek Him til He tells me to go. 

So here I am once again, Lord, waiting on You to give me the okay to step out on the path You want me to go on. Please make it clear to me which path it is, and please make it clear when You want me to move.