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The Hope of Heaven

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Here I am in England. I can't believe I am living here now. It is both a dream come true and still a dream. I got here a little over two weeks ago and it is still surreal. Now, I'm not one typically to get homesick but today I feel homesick. My grandma went home to be with the Lord yesterday.

I found out today via facebook.

I hate being the last to know family news. I hate being so far from my family during this hard time. I hate feeling helpless and useless. I want to hug my mom. That's all I want.

I know my grandma is in a better place. Heaven gained a saint today and precious in the sign of the Lord is the death of His saints (Psalm 116:15). She is in no more pain and she is fellowshipping with Jesus. Though I am sorrowing for myself and my family, I can do nothing but rejoice for my grandma.

Lord, please comfort my family during this hard time.
Help us to trust that Your way is sovereign. 
Thank You for relieving my grandma of all her pain
 and thank You for giving us the hope of heaven.