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I am SO excited for Creationfest this year!! God is so good!

130 more days...

World Famous.


I never meant to get myself into this habit of posting more than one blog per day, but I just couldn't resist this time.

My back is soon to be world famous.

Here I am! That's me! Yay!



I finally got the polaroid film I won on ebay. Turns out the lady that shipped it accidentally wrote "Rancho" instead of "Ranchito" for my street. No wonder it took forever to get to me!

Anyways, I tried it in the polaroid Ashley gave me RIGHT when I got home...and it worked! I was SO excited! So I ran out to the living room to proclaim my joy.

"I'm so excited! I have a polaroid camera!" I said.

In the words of my wise father, "You're crazy! You are like someone who has had a car for years. Then one day, someone gives you a donkey. And you yell, 'Yay! I can't wait to ride my donkey!'"

Hahaha. I love my dad.

The Ugly Turned Pretty.


Housing signups worked today! And they worked from the first try!

I saw it...UP216 (a townhouse for all you non-cbu lingo speakers). I clicked it.

"Congratulations. Your room selection has been completed," it told me.

Praise the Lord! We got the townhouse we wanted! Next year is gonna be a marvelous year! Great way to end my CBU experience! I am SOOOOO excited! =]


The good, the bad, and the ugly.


Good: I got my financial aid award today. It wasn't as sucky as I expected.

Bad: I got a to go meal for lunch today. It was a salad with the chicken salad stuff on top. The chicken salad was AWFUL. But...I don't know if that is because it was, or if that is because my taste buds are all thrown off after eating a piece of cinnamon gum (which I am allergic to). Oh well, it could have been worse! lol.

Ugly: CBU's housing signups STINK! Housing for next year's seniors (ME!) opened at 1 p.m. today. I was there at like 12. Totally ready. Counted down til 1. The time comes around and it isn't working. I don't even know why I was surprised. Long story short, it still isn't. Something with the server and then the system. It will (hopefully!) be back up by tomorrow at 1 p.m. Guess we gotta go through this mess again! lol.

Speed Bumps and Guacamole.

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Today was by faaaaaar the best day of spring break. I got to visit some of my favorite people at APU. It was marvelous.

Both Jen and Janette live on campus in University Village. Jen tells me how to get there, but fails to warn me about their death trap speed bumps. (Don't worry, I forgive you for not telling me, Jen, and I still love you.) Now, I thought CBU's speed bumps were bad. We have a series of like 11 or 12 in a row when you first enter the school. (That's a rough estimate...I never actually counted them.) Anyways, those things are ridiculous! You drive over them at like 20 mph (the speed limit is 10 mph) and they nearly destroy your car. Or maybe it's just my car. Bless that marvelous thing. Well, I thought nothing could be worse until today. I go over the first one at like 5 mph and I felt like I was going to die. It was INTENSE. So, I slow down to about 3 mph when I get to the next one. Nope, still bad. My car's a trooper for not failing me! I ended up having to take them nearly stopped so my car doesn't fall apart. Honestly, no matter how much I write about them, you will never understand unless you experience them for yourself. Go there. APU. University Village.

Jen, Janette, and I later decided to go to Chipotle for lunch. I order my chicken bowl and the lady asks me, "Would you like some guacamole with that?"

"Uhh, sure, " I replied.

"It'll be a little extra, is that still alright?"

"Sure. Thanks."

Now, I don't know if this woman comes from a millionaire family or something, but $1.65 for a tiny cup of guacamole is not a "little extra!" Geez these people!

I am not bitter. I promise. Just go re-read the first 3 sentences of this blog =]

The end.

Crazy Yellow Purse.


As mentioned previously, one of my recent obsessions is yellow things. One of the yellow things that I really want is a crazy yellow purse. I found the IDEAL one on etsy, but alas, it is $95. I WILL NEVER spend that much on a purse. EVER. So, of course, I resort to looking elsewhere. In my search for a yellow purse, I embarked on a typical journey to amazon. I buy many things on there on a regular basis, so what could be the harm? I type in "yellow purses and handbags." You can imagine my surprise when this purse came up...go ahead...check it out for yourself. lol. Think it's crazy enough? Hahaha. I think everyone I know would murder me if I ever bought a purse like this.

Recent Obsessions.


I love how I am a junior in college, and I JUST TODAY sold my SAT book online.

That book is pointless. Honestly, who studies for the SATs?! Oh well. I made $11 off the book. Almost enough for me to buy this...Should I do it? I wish it came with the frame!

On a slightly different note, I am selling my first thing on ebay as of today. We'll see how this goes. I think online selling/buying is like my new recent obsession. I have a lot of new recent obsessions...

1) Online selling/buying
2) Polaroids
3) Polaroid blogs
4) Craft blogs
5) Making crafts
6) Things that are yellow
7) Wayfarer sunglasses

Ok, maybe not that many.

But...this is DEF my new favorite blog! =]

Two More.


Due to my recent obsession with polaroids, I felt the need to share a couple new(ish) ones with you!

Enjoy! (and let me know what you think!) =]



Scott Cunningham totally used the word "squirrelly" in a sentence today.

Something about there not being a minimum age requirement for the Creationfest trip, but if the kids are too squirrelly, then we wont want them. Haha. I just thought that was amusing.

Haven't heard that word since Mr. O.

And I totally just blogged this for the sole purpose of making Scott Cunningham even more googleable than he already is.

It's always the creepy guys...


Honestly, I wonder why I always attract the creepy guys!

Church tonight was interesting. After worship, Pastor Neil said to turn and greet our neighbors. So I turned to my left where there was a group of women. I said hi to all of them and turned to walk back to my seat. This guy was standing right in front of me.

"Phyllis, right?"
"Uh, no, I'm Elizabeth."

I wonder what even sparked him to guess a name considering I had never met this guy before.

"Do you mind if I sit next to you?" he asked.
"Umm, sure go ahead."

He sat down to my right, luckily with my jacket sitting in between us. It was awkward though...cuz as the service went on, he kept scooting closer. He would end up kinda on top of the edge of my jacket, and I would pull it away and scoot farther away from him. I contemplated getting up and pretending to go to the bathroom and bailing out and sitting in the overflow in the fellowship hall. But then I just ended up staying there thinking that this craziness will all be over when church is done.

But then when it ended, I had to figure out how to get out. Do I just walk away without saying anything? Or do I politely say, "Well it was nice meeting you! Goodbye"? Before I was even able to figure out what I was gonna do, he says, "Elizabeth, are you Egyptian?"

Creeeeepy! How does this guy know I am Egyptian?! Is he stalking me or something?!

"Yes, I am," I replied.
"I'm Italian."
"Uhh ok."

Awkward silence.

"Do you like me?" he asks.


At that point, I wasn't even trying to be nice anymore.

"Uhh, I just met you," I said. "Umm, sorry, I gotta get going now. Bye."

Then I bailed.

I walked over really quickly to the high school so I could say hi to Pastor Bill. He wasn't there. I walk over to the Arabic Fellowship room where my parents are, but they aren't done yet. I walk into the cafe, use the bathroom, and open the door to leave. Creepy guy is standing with his family right outside the door!! So I quickly close the door and stand alone in the bathroom for about 5 minutes to avoid seeing him again. Finally, I leave and manage to get back to the Arabic Fellowship without being seen.

Man! Why does this sort of thing happen to me all the time?!

Jesus, You are Worthy

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"Jesus, You are Worthy" - Brenton Brown

Jesus you are mercy,
Jesus you are justice
Jesus you are worthy, that is what you are.
You died alone to save me,
You rose so you could raise me
You did this all to make me a chosen child of God.

Worthy is the Lamb that once was slain
To receive all glory, power and praise
For with your blood you purchased us for God
Jesus you are worthy, that is what you are.

Perfect sacrifice,
Crushed by God for us
Bearing in your hurt all that I deserve
Misjudged for my misdeeds
You suffered silently
The only guiltless man in all of history.



I may be a little obsessed. I bought these on Friday...

and these...

i am so glad those 80s sunglasses are back! =] what a pleasant way to start off spring break!

A False Sense of Accomplishment.



...well, not really. lol.

Do you ever feel like there is that one thing, that when it has passed, you will feel accomplished? But then, it passes and you still have many other things ahead of you?? That's how I feel right now. Such a false sense of accomplishment.

This semester is REDICULOUS (E entered for emphasis). Honestly, I feel like I am never done. I never feel relieved. I hate that feeling. People were counting down til spring break and I couldn't even do that. Now it is here, but not really. I fiiiiiinally finished my crazy take home midterm and my paper but now I have to finish my assignment for my youth ministry class and then do two online quizzes for my geology class. AHH WILL IT EVER END?!

I'm going home tomorrow morning and I am gonna attempt doing little to no homework over break. I know that sounds like I am a loser of a student, but honestly, I just need some rest.

Doesn't this look ridiculous to you?

And to make that worse, that's not even all my books! This book stack has gotten out of hand. And notice how low my Bible is on that stack. (Can you even see my Bible??) Jesus, please forgive me.

I miss my Bible. I miss church on Wednesdays. I miss Tuesday nights. I miss hanging out with my roommie. I miss talking to my loves on the phone. I miss my cousins.

46 days til the last day of school.

P.S. Thank you to all of you who have been praying for me. I would not have survived this otherwise.

Long Dash.


Sleepy, sleepy, sleepy.

That's how I feel this week. Once Friday is over, I will be SO happy.

Pray for me please. Mooney midterm on Wednesday. Mooney midterm take-home due Friday. Mooney paper also due Friday. Yeah, this one class pretty much consumes my life.

On a different note, I just learned how to make the long dash on a mac. I know, I know. I am such a nerd. It's been bugging me that every time I wanted to make one, I would just use two dashes like this --. But now I know how to do this — YAY!

Btw, Rachel, you should be totally happy cuz the first time I ever used the long dash on a mac was on your blog comment.



This will probably be the most sporadic blog you will ever read.

But I just need write out my vents...(I really wanted to write "ventations" right now, but I know that is not a word.)

First of all, this is the most stressful semester ever (due to one specific class). I know I have vented about this before, but I just had to let that out again. I have made SOME progress though. I cleaned my clutter. It seems like I am one of those people that has a cluttered mess when my life is cluttered. I want to be charientistic right now and blame my clutter on certain people, but I will spare you. (This may be a new trend of mine, using big words when I am stressed.)

Second, I bought a new pair of dress pants for work this weekend. I needed a new pair cuz it seems like all my black pants are turning into gray pants. All is well until I go to hang it in my closet. I lift it up and realize those dumb people left the little thing on it that is supposed to beep when you leave the store. It obviously did not beep when we walked out. I would just yank it off, but they leak this nasty bluish purplish ink if you try to force them off.

Third, Target didn't have my polaroid film. Luckily, I called before I took a pointless drive there. The guy was like, "Sorry, it ran out like yesterday. Or maybe the day before. Or wait..." He wouldn't stop talking and I just wanted to hang up. Tell me, why would say that this specific Target has it in stock when it actually doesn't? Grr!

Strangely enough, in the midst of all this, I am learning of God's faithfulness over and over. I may tend to overdramatize things when I am stressed and make a mountain out of a molehill when I vent to people, but God doesn't care. He is still there, always faithful. He's my constant sorce of encouragement.

On a brighter note, I may be going to England again this summer! Yay! (Becca, I totally started filling out my application too! Thought you'd be happy about that!) God is good!

Alright, I'll end this blog on a good note. Goodnight.

To my devout reader in France...

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To my devout reader in France,

Please make yourself known. You really do deserve recognition for your devotion to my blog. I would like to thank you publicly for reading my blog all the time.


Polaroid Film.


This is bad. I am not stressed...and I probably should be. I have grown numb to stress, it feels. lol.

I am sitting online looking at polaroid stuff (rather than studying for my OT Theology midterm like I should be). I found a Target that sells the single pack of film I want.

Ashley walks into my room last week and hands me a bag and says it's for me. I open it and find a polaroid inside. I didn't even know how to react. My jaw dropped open and I couldn't even bring myself to say thank you right away. She tells me how her parents had three and sold two of them at a garage sale. This was the leftover one. She said she wasn't sure if it works or not, which is why I am trying out a single pack of film before I splurge on a couple hundred dollars worth of film.

I am so excited that I own a polaroid now!! Thank you soooo much Ashley! (Haha, I don't know if you will ever read this blog, but thank you anyway!)

Anyways, back to studying!

I hope that Target actually has the film in stock.

Jr. High Camp vs. the Unfortunate Reality


Jr. High camp this past weekend was such a blessing! I had a marvelous time up there with all the kids and the leaders! I got placed into an amazing cabin with a group of very amazing girls! I seriously have never seen jr. highers so receptive before! Definitely one of the greatest camps!

On top of that, free time was marvelous cuz there was TOOOONS of snow! I had never seen so much snow in my life! A little group of us leaders decided to trek up to Genesis Point and the whole way there, we were sinking up almost to our waists in snow! Haha, I really think I have thunder thighs after this weekend!

Here are some camp polaroids...Check my facebook and/or myspace for the other pics!

(Here, I was totally standing ON the lake! hahaha!)

Anyways, since camp was SO wonderful, I really really didn't wanna come back to the unfortunate reality. This semester is probably the most overwhelming semester of my life. 19 units...and a Professor who lacks even an ounce of understanding. I have never been so stressed in my life. I have never missed so much church in my life. I have never cried about school so much in my life.

If it comes to your mind, please keep me in prayer. Thanks friends.