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"But one kiss levitates above all the others. The
intersection of function and desire. The I do kiss.
The I'll love you through a brick wall kiss.
Even when I'm dead, I'll swim through the Earth,
like a mermaid of the soil, just to be next to your bones."

from "The Archipelago of Kisses" by Jeffrey McDaniel


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I am trying to think of the perfect word to describe this summer's Jr. High Camp. I can't seem to think of the right word.

Camp was definitely a blessing—but that was only after being faced with TOOOONS of spiritual warfare and having to deal with ridiculous amounts of ridiculous Jr. High drama. Satan is definitely on the prowl, which makes it even more ironic that our theme verse was Ephesians 6:12 ("For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places").

God definitely pulled us through though. We had great little prayer sessions as counselors and that was definitely amazing. Our night devotions as a cabin were pretty amazing too! All the speakers were amazing, and the small groups were too! (Sorry, I cannot think of any other descriptive adjectives lol.)

I love camp SO much. It's so incredible when you can witness God working. There were countless God things that happened at camp. Thank You, Lord, for giving me the opportunity to go to camp!

(6 days til England! soooooooooo excited!)

Engagement Shoot!


On Tuesday, I went on Engagement Shoot with Miray and Scott! It was tons of fun! :) Here are some of the pictures!



I am DEFINITELY sunburned.

When I got back from the beach on Thursday, I claimed I was toasted, not burned. And that's what it felt like then. But after a couple days, I can no longer deny the truth. My whole body feels like one giant bruise. Showering has become one of the most painful things in the world. I woke up like 200 times in the middle of the night last night cuz the pain of rolling over. Whatever. I'm a big girl. I can handle this. I have a very high pain tolerance—so honestly, it isn't THAT bad. I'm just totally not used to it. This is only the 4th sunburn of my life.

Weird and Totally Pathetic.


Someone googled "how to attract a creepy guy" and landed on my blog. I know this cuz I have a tracker. And I have to say, why would anyone in their right mind google that?! Weirdo.

Anyways, the blog entry they landed on was the blog I wrote about my stalker titled "It's always the creepy guys..." so that explains why their search landed them on my blog. I was curious though...what page of their search results was the link to my blog on? So I decided to look it up myself.

...and totally pathetic.
The totally pathetic part is the predictive results that showed up on Safari when I started to type into the google search box.
I have nothing left to say but WOW.

My Three Night Owls.


My friends are a blessing.

I had a bad night. I posted a pretty emo status after midnight, not really expecting anyone to respond, considering what time it was. But I was wrong. I got a response—actually THREE! Three of my friends were there for me.

I wanted a hug and a shoulder to cry on, which are totally impossible considering no one even lives near me, but I definitely received words of comfort and encouragement. (See, technology CAN be a good thing! :) Yay for texting and facebook chat!) Totally made up for the lack of hugs and shoulders. Haha. It was great! They even stayed up to make sure I was okay. They let me talk it out for over an hour! Basically, I love my friends.

Thanks guys! You know who you are! :)

God, thanks for sending me my three night owls :)

Extravagant Beauty.

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Old English has this extravagant beauty to it.

I wish I was born in a time where Old English was the only English—back in the day when hymns were written, where people poured out their hearts to the Lord in gorgeous rhymes of love.

Thankfully, there are still books. Ones filled with this beautiful language. My new favorite book is George MacDonald's Diary of an Old Soul. It just brings a smile to my face every time I read it. I feel like a sponge, absorbing its every word.

Soak this up:
Not now for any cause to Thee I cry,
But this, that Thou art Thou, and here am I.


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I wordled my blog today just for fun...and I was surprised at the big words. Haha. My life is definitely interesting right now.

But after looking back at old blogs, I realized that Satan is throwing the exact same thing at me that he threw last year before I went to England. I will not let this distraction overtake me! I will prevail! I know God will deliver me; He always does!

Psalm 34:19



Milk bottles are very durable. Jen, Janette, and I learned that yesterday. They make for an excellent way to relieve frustration - just bang them on a table! Waaaaay better than squeezing a stress ball and way better than breaking pencils.

I had a great day with Jen and Janette yesterday. It's kinda cool to catch up with the high school besties. They know the new me, yet they also know the old me. We had a little talk about that, how we all feel like we have changed since high school. The weird thing is, a lot of people like the change, whereas I feel like I have changed for the worse. I kinda miss the old me. The old me was known to be super optimistic all the time and always happy. Where have those days gone?!

I clearly remember taking the strengths quest freshman year of college. My top strength was positivity. A couple people who don't know the old me actually laughed at that. How sad! Has my optimism gone? Or am I just growing up and getting a grasp on reality? I guess I am a realist now...

Here's a line from Jen's play that is VERY applicable:
A pessimist sees the glass as half empty. An optimist sees the glass as half full. Now, the realist says, "Why did you use such a big glass?"