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I want to serve You, my God.

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"Open Me" by Shawn McDonald

Would You open up eyes, so I can see
Would You open up my ears, so I can hear
Would You open up my mind, so I can know
Would You open up my heart, so could love You more

I want to serve You, my God
I want to give everything
I want to serve You, my King, yeah
I want to serve You, my Lord
I want to give You everything, yeah

Here I am with my arms open wide
Asking for You to come up, up inside
Won't You make me new, won't You make me true
Jesus, won't You make me like You, oh

Will You touch my eyes so I can see
Will You touch my ears so I can hear
Will You touch my mind so I can know
Will You touch my heart so I can love You more
Won't You open me

Won't You open me, open me
Won't You open me, open me
Won't You open me, open me
Won't You open me, open me

This is my current prayer. Not just so I can be "ready" when we go to England, but so I can have the heart of a servant for the rest of my life.  

Jesus, please make me a servant.


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Hahaha! This just made my day!! 

crazy cousins'! crazy cousins' weekend!


drove to yfette's house, waited for seera, drove to long beach to drop her off at church and wait for kristina so we could drive to my church for movement. movement ended at 10:30 p.m. drove back to long beach to drop off kristina and pick up seera. drove to san diego. got there at 1:00 a.m. walked into an interesting hotel. took crazy pics while on a "sleepy high."

finally decided to sleep at like 2 a.m.

woke up at 6:00 a.m. to get ready for sharky's graduation. went to his house. went to his graduation at 8 in the morning! 

ate at miguels...yummy! went to his new house. didn't eat cake for lack of room in the stomach. drove back to downey. picked up my car. drove to costa mesa for movement day 2! met up with the cousins when they came! then hung out with my girlies.

got home close to midnight.

what a fun and crazy weekend!!

heartbroken & devastated.

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i woke up this morning to bits and pieces of some story about steven curtis chapman's family on the radio. as i listened more intently, i was heartbroken by what i heard.

wednesday evening, maria sue, steven curtis chapman's youngest daughter was hit by a car in her very own driveway. she was airlifted to the hospital but the Lord chose to take her home.

i've never hurt so much for someone i didn't know. every time i think of this little five year old girl, tears stream down my face. and the fact that i am so hurt makes me really feel for their family. they need all the prayer they can get. i can't even imagine how hard this must be for them. please pray that God would shower them with comfort and peace in this difficult time.



how come every time i type the word cafe, i accidentally type "cage" the first time?? i mean, i know the g is right by the f, but it's still annoying!

basically, i think my subconscious dream is to have lunch in a cage someday.

(be excited! this might very well be the shortest blog i have ever written!)

"The Blessings of the Pure in Heart"

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Come Away My Beloved is one of those books that just gets me to aww every time i read it. I just had to share the part I read today...

"The Blessings of the Pure in Heart"

"Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God." -Matthew 5:8

Is not my heart drawn out toward you to bless you? Have I not said that I would shelter and protect you and be your strong support? Yield your whole being to Me. I am your loving Father. I know your need even before it arises. My provisions are not only sure, but also full and overflowing, so that you may confess with the psalmist, "I shall never want." You will see with a vision denied to many, for your heart is pure, and to the pure of heart is given the promise that they shall see God. How much more glorious than to behold the beauty of a thousand sunsets! How much more thrilling than the sight of the fairest faces ever to grace the earth!

Yes, I shall reveal Myself to you and you shall know Me face-to-face, as Moses did. You shall walk with Me and talk with Me, and I will hold your right hand and be a brother and a friend to you. I shall never leave you, and in the darkness I will be a light for you. Yes, in joy I will be an added comfort, and in the sorrow I will be to you the peace that surpasses understanding.

Do not look to people to tell you more about Me. Look to Me directly, for I will reveal Myself to you in a personal way, in ways no other could tell you. I will be as personal and as dear to you as I was to John, the Beloved. I would take you aside as I did to Peter, and talk to you of things that concern yourself alone. I am not only the God of congregations, but the God of the individual, and I am as concerned for you as I was for Abraham or Joseph or David. 

You are never one of many to Me. You are precious and dear to My heart, yes, even as a very special treasure. For I love you more than you can ever comprehend, and I long to gather you in My embrace and hold you close to My heart. Do not hold Me at arm's length because you have a sense of unworthiness. Have you not read that the redeemed are brought near by the blood of Christ? Your sins are not covered; they are washed away! They are not only forgiven; they are forgotten! Don't hold back My love.

Be as the prodigal when embraced by his father. Though he would have resisted for a moment, he swiftly accepted his father's forgiveness and reciprocated his love and affection.

I, too, would bring you into My house and spread for you a feast of blessings, and place upon you the garment of praise, the ring of relationship, and the sandals of peace. Come, for all things are prepared for you and nothing shall be denied.

I want an SLR!


Have you ever wanted something so bad that you feel like you are gonna go crazy? I feel like a little kid...I want an SLR sooooooooooooo bad! I can't stop window shopping online! lol. Seriously, how wonderful would it be to get one before England?

And being able to do this again...

and this...

...but with an EVEN BETTER CAMERA?!


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I remember reading this post from Rachel about how you can pretty much increase your chances of appearing on google search results if you just mention your name in your blog. So here I, Elizabeth Mousa, am, doing that very thing. (Was that sentence grammatically messed up? I sure feel like it. And the punctuation was all whack too! Oh well.) 

Hmm...I wonder if this will actually work. They only way to know for sure is to go on google and search "Elizabeth Mousa." haha. I just name dropped myself again!

Mmmm :]


So here it is...printed and framed. I'm pleased with how it turned out...and it is very rare for me to be pleased with my own stuff! 

Look how huge it is too! I'm excited to hang it up!

Though I wandered, He remained faithful.

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On January 5th, I wrote a blog about my goal to be completely content in Christ. Well, after 4 month of wandering off of that path, I am picking up my feet and taking steps back in the right direction.

I faced some distractions lately, ones that may not seem that big to everyone, but ones that have been huuuuge for me and even caused me to lose my focus at times. Distractions that caused me to fear my future wouldn't turned out as planned. But why am I afraid? "For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind" (1 Timothy 1:7). God is so faithful. Why am I worried about my future plans? He's got it all covered! "If he can hold the universe together, He can definitely hold our lives together!" -Garid Beeler.

Church was amazing tonight. (What's new?) I felt like Garid was talking right at me. Something he said really hit home. "If you are not completely satisfied with who you are in Christ, then you will never be satisfied." Wow. Ouch. Am I grasping for the wind? Am I looking to be satisfied by things other than Christ? For the past 4 months, it sure seemed like it. But here I am, once again, restating my goal to be completely content in Christ.

Here I am, Lord, handing everything over to You once again. Cause me to be content right where I am, desiring nothing more but You. Thank you for remaining faithful, even when I wander off.

"Faithful One" by Selah

I find no hope within to call my own
For I am frail of heart, my strength is gone
But deep within my soul is rising up a song
Here in the comfort of the faithful one

I walk a narrow road through valleys deep
In search of higher ground, on mountains steep
And though with feet unsure, I still keep pressing on.
For I am guided by the faithful one.

Faithful, faithful to the end,
My true and precious friend,
You have been faithful,
Faithful, so faithful to me

I see your wounded hands, I touch your side
With thorns upon your brow you bled and died
But there's an empty tomb, a love for all who come
And give their hearts to you, the faithful one.

Faithful, faithful to the end,
My true and precious friend,
You have been faithful,
Faithful, so faithful to me

And when the day is dawned and when the race is run
I will bow down before God's only Son
And I will lift my hands in praise for all you've done
And I will worship you, my faithful one.

Count your blessings.


So I have to say, I am incredibly blessed. A lot of people complain about Calvary Chapel Downey. It’s a bad school. They have horrible academics. It’s too strict. All sorts of complaints like that. But now that I am out of high school, I have learned to really appreciate that place. I am pretty sure that Calvary Downey is one of the few schools on the planet (and that is not an irrational exaggeration) where the administrators pray for ALL the past alumni. Talking to Mr. Hearron after church today seriously made my day. They pray for us? Really? They still think about us? …and care enough to pray?? Coincidentally, while I was talking to him, another guy who was also Calvary Downey alumni walked up. I don’t know him though; he graduated 10 years before me. Anyways, Mr. Hearron was telling us both about how the school really wants to improve their alumni relations. They want to get together a group of students from each class, students that are walking closely with the Lord, and get together every so often to pray for the alumni classes. What an incredible idea! What high school does that? When I look back, I am totally thankful that God blessed me with the opportunity to go to school there.

Summary of this blog: Count your blessings; they may be right under your nose.

(Yes, I used two semicolons in a blog. I’m a nerd. Be jealous.)

It's a weird thing...

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I have to say, it's a weird thing taking journal entries and trying to "convert" them into blogs. I feel like I cut out so much. And what makes it even weirder is the fact that I am the most open person in the world! Man, that means everyone else's blogs must really cut out a lot!

God is Love.


Bible, camera, and computer - give me nothing more, and I'm happy :]

Distract Me.

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It seems like I have been praying the same prayer for a really long time. Looking back on my prayer journal, I realize how repetitive I am. But that's probably just because my struggles remain the same. I am weak. What's wrong with me? Am I not standing on the firm foundation? Why am I wobbling? Why am I so easily distracted?

Church was such a blessing tonight. And afterwards was a blessing too! I have such wonderful friends (shout-outs to Melissa, Marie, Maggie, and my most recent friend Katie)! But once again, the distractions come. Sometimes, I wish I could turn my brain off. Thinking is a dangerous thing. When I'm alone and my friends aren't there to talk to, my mind runs at like a million miles per hour! It's horrible! Totally distracting me from hearing the still, small voice of the Lord. It's so frustrating!

If you're reading this, you probably have no idea what I am talking about. And for that, I ask you to forgive me. But since you've just wasted a moment or two reading this confusing blog, I ask that you just say a quick prayer for me. Please pray that God takes away these chronic mind distractions/frustrations. Thanks friends.

God, please distract me from life and draw me completely into You.

American Nightmare.

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Getting rid of old things is my weakness. I am such a pack rat. But here, in my room at home, as my summer begins, I face a problem. How in the world am I gonna fit all my stuff from my apartment at school back into my room at home?! Why do I have so much clothes? Why do I have more things than anyone might need in a lifetime? And the better question is, will I ever be satisfied or will I always want more? We Americans are so spoiled.

American dream? Yeah right. More like American nightmare.