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I love the Passion Conferences. I love Louie Giglio. I love that technology is so advanced that I can watch it live even across the country :)

Notice, my tweet showed up on the right!

Just pay attention and respond appropriately.

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I love when God uses novels to speak to me. Ahh the beauty of Christian novels.

Right now, I am on the last book of a Christian romance novel series. The first two books were amazing. Buuuut, the last one isn't going as expected. I guess I was expecting it to be a fairy tale ending, but it's looking a lot more realistic than fairy tale at this point.

I got frustrated. I even flipped to the back of the book to get a sneak peak at what would happen. I got even more frustrated and put the book down for a couple days. Today, I picked it up again. (I never quit midway through a book.)

Of course, God met me right where I'm at. Always. The last couple of lines of the chapter I was reading hit me like a brick. I couldn't even read any further.

"Just pay attention to what God is doing, Katie. That's all I'm saying. Just pay attention and respond appropriately."

Ways of Wisdom

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"Only He knows your true desire, 
and only He is able to purify your desire 
and deepen your commitment. 
Go your way in peace, 
knowing He has promised to perfect 
that which concerneth you, 
and His ways are ways of wisdom."



Ahh, the blog, the perfect place to vent.

Basically, I feel like my love life is on repeat. Same story with every single guy. I'm not gonna go into details, but I feel angry and I feel hurt. I think this time is the worst. I want to puke and I also want to cry.

But in the midst of my frustration over the repetition of sucky circumstances, my friends have been such encouragements. There were a few that I texted in my initial moment of hurt, and they each gave me more encouragement than I knew what to do with. And still, I felt the need to vent on facebook. (I'm just whiny today...) I posted this as my facebook status: If my life were a book, it would be a misprint. Chapter 1, chapter 1, chapter 1, chapter 1. I'm sick of all this repetition.

And then came the biggest encouragement of all in one short yet powerful comment:

Just gotta remember who's writing it...

I am SO thankful that God is writing my story. My life story AND my love story. He's a much greater author than I could ever dream of being.