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Books I Read in 2015

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Every year, I compile a list of books I've read. My goal is always to read more books than I did the previous year, but seeing as I've had a baby this year, my goal was only to read a few. Any completed books would be considered an accomplishment to a new mother. And as a reminder to those who may have forgotten, if you click on the book images, you will be taken to their listings on Amazon so you can purchase them for your very own! So without further adieu, here's my list! 

1. Completed on January 3rd. I definitely started this book in 2014 and finished it before the birth of my maybe you'd consider this cheating...but it goes on this year's book list nonetheless. Great book! Convicting, but in a way that encourages a change, not in a way that only leaves you feeling guilty. I would definitely recommend this book.

"Crazy Busy" by Kevin DeYoung


2. Completed on January 7th. This is another book I started last year. I wanted to read a pregnancy book that was written by Christians that wasn't just another how-to or what-to-expect book. This book was that very book! Some parts weren't entirely applicable to me, but the format this book is written in made it easy for me to just skim over those sections. Pregnant women, I recommend this book to you whether it be your first pregnancy or not! 

"Birthed in Prayer" by Kim Barker, Linda De Meillon, and Leigh Harrison  


3. Completed on January 13th. My parents sent me and Craig this book early on in my pregnancy and we decided we'd read it aloud together. Great book! It is filled with lots of encouragement for people who are already parents or for those who are soon-to-be parents like we are! 

"Raising Your Kids to Love the Lord" by Dave Stone


4. Completed on January 27th. I love reading Warren Wiersbe's commentaries on books of the Bible. I learn so much from them!

"Be Strong (Joshua): Putting God's Power to Work in Your Life" by Warren Wiersbe


5. Completed on June 18th. I learned so much from this book and would definitely recommend it to any parent! I'm definitely planning on re-reading the chapter about raising daughters if I ever have a daughter in the future! 

"Hopeful Parenting" by David Jeremiah


6. Completed on October 24th. This is such an encouraging book to all mothers, especially new mothers like me! It's a quick and easy read so if you're a mom, definitely check this book out!

"Mom Enough" - A compilation from Desiring God


7. Completed on December 4th. A friend of mine lent this book to me and I was both convicted and encouraged as I read through it. Although it is more directed to pastors' wives, I feel like it is an encouraging read to the wife of any man in any sort of leadership! 

"The Ministry of a Messy House" by Amanda Robbie