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Coffee Shop.


This might be the coffee shop with my most favorite design sense I have ever seen. I am inspired to travel to the midwest.

Day 7

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#7) I am thankful that Jesus, though sinless, took my punishment and died on the cross to spare me from eternal separation from God.

Day 6

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#6) I am thankful for food.

Living in America, most people never even stop to appreciate the blessing of food. We always have it. We often even have more than three meals a day. And even when money is low, we never sacrifice our food.

Thank you, Jesus, for always giving me a meal to enjoy. 

Day 5

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#5) I am thankful that I was born and raised in a home where my parents love and serve Jesus.

"Homeless for the Holidays"


I'm a sucker for cheesy Christian movies. Many people don't like them, but I looooove them. And they ALWAYS make me cry. No matter what the topic, I will cry. (Mind you, I'm not even a cryer!)

Team Buzzplant provided me with a free copy of "Homeless for the Holidays" so I could review it. It easily made its way to the top of my list of the best cheesy Christian movies I have ever seen. And the only thing that made it cheesy was the fact that it was a low budget project. But for being a low budget film, they did a really good job! And it definitely helped that this movie was based on a true story!

This movie is about a man who has a high paying executive job. But after some sketchiness in the office, he ends taking the blame for something he didn't do and losing his job so the rest of the company could stay afloat. The whole time I was watching this movie, I couldn't believe that these events actually took place! Everything that happened to this man were completely unfair. (Who ever said life was fair anyway?) The movie documented the progression of time as he remained jobless with no income to provide for his family.

The thing that touched me the most was the reaction of his children. That's what got me thinking. If I were a young child, I don't think I would be so considerate. I would be unwilling to part with the life I was used to. But these children were appreciative even in the hard times! And what's even more touching is that they still desired to bless others even though they barely had anything of their own! Ugh! Tear jerker! You just gotta watch it! It's definitely a family film that teaches a lot of good lessons.

To learn more about it or to purchase it, go to (It can also be purchased at select Christian bookstores.

Day 4

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#4) Even though I complain about being in the United States sometimes, I am thankful that God, in His divine wisdom, chose for me to be born here. I could have been born in a third world country in poverty. But instead, I was born in one of the wealthiest countries in the world where I can enjoy innumerable amounts of material blessings.

Day 3

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#3) I am thankful for the true friends I have in my life. I realized recently that I don't have as many friends as I thought I did, but the close ones, the real and genuine ones, are a blessing in my life. I don't know what I'd do without them.

Day 2

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#2) I'm thankful for God's provisions. I complain about the functionality of my car, but at least I have a car. I complain that there isn't a way to live working only 10 hours a week, but at least I have a job (that I enjoy)! I complain about my phone not being the latest, but I have a phone.

God is so amazing! He blesses even when we gripe and complain!

Day 1

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In light of it being a week away from Thanksgiving, I thought I would join Kristina in blogging about things I am thankful for.

#1) I am SO thankful that God never gives up on me, even though I fail over and over and over again. [Psalm 78♥]

The Promise of God in Prayer

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"If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children,
how much more will the heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him."
Luke 11:13

"This is the great promise of God in prayer. 
We ask God for gifts in prayer and He gives us the Giver.
We ask God for supply, and He gives us the Source."
-David Platt



I am SUPER star struck right now. Jonathan Acuff sent me a direct message on Twitter. Not one of those mass direct messages but a personalized one thanking me for retweeting the link to his post about his new book. 


Check out the link here:

Dumb Blonde.

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I spoke with a dumb blonde on the phone today. How do I know she was blonde? Well, I don't know. But I know that she was most definitely dumb.

Oh my gosh, that's so mean, Liz! I know that is what you are probably thinking, but believe me, she was dumb.

I called T-Mobile Customer Care because I had been receiving calls on my cellphone from England. I hadn't been answering them for fear of being charged outrageous amounts per minute, but I wasn't even sure if I would get charged since I was only accepting the calls.

This woman (with a craaaazy hick accent, might I add) answers the phone. I ask, "If I receive calls from another country, do I get charged for that or does it only come out of my minutes?"

"Let me check for you," she says. "Which country are these calls coming from?"


"Alright, hold on for a moment and let me check..............What country did you say that was?"


"Yeah, but what country is it in?"


"Yeah, but what country is that place actually inside of?"

"Eng-LAND." (At this point, I was starting to think she was hard of hearing!)

"I don't seem to be finding that on the list..."

"Ohhh, maybe it's under UK or United Kingdom!"

"There it is!"

Ok, seriously, WHO doesn't know that England is a country?! I mean, it's a really popular country too! It's not like I said I was receiving calls from Turkmenistan! Sheeeeeeesh.

God's Blessings


"God's blessings don't always look the way we think they should look." -Garid Beeler

It's exciting when God does something in your life, and you start to put the pieces together and realize He's been at it for a while

It hit me yesterday. I went for ANOTHER job interview. Seriously, I'm practically at professional interviewer status now. Leaving this interview, I decided that this was another job I didn't want to take. I'll spare you the details for sake of the length of this blog, but you can ask me sometime and I'll tell you. (They are interesting details, by the way.) I realized that the ideal job would be one in a church setting. Ironic, because I had already been offered a job in a church setting and didn't accept it. Why didn't I accept it, might you ask? Because it is only part time. But that's when I got to thinking. Thinking back, I could see that God had his hand over this from the very beginning. 

It all started back in April. I hadn't yet graduated from CBU, but I was practically done with all my classes and projects so I started casually applying for jobs. I came across a listing for a church graphic designer job. The listing asked for a resume, examples of some work, and a brief paragraph bio. In my brief paragraph, I remember writing about how I felt that I would be the perfect candidate for the position because I was a Christian who majored in Graphic Design and Christian Studies. I sent the email and forgot all about it. May came. I graduated. June. July. August. 

In the middle of September, I received an email in response to that old listing. They hadn't even began replying to people up until that point and for some reason (God's direction, I presume) I was the first person they replied to. I interviewed, they offered me the position, and I kindly declined because I was looking for a full-time job. Yet, when God works, nothing gets in His way. A month and a half went by before I decided I wanted to accept the position. Somehow, it remained open.

God has blessed me. It's a perfect job—graphic design in a church setting. I couldn't be more pleased. 

I didn't recognize it at first because I was looking for a full time job, but I learned something this week at church. God's blessings don't always look the way we think they should look, but they are there. Just open your eyes. 

"Taste and see that the Lord is good!" (Ps. 34:8)
"Consider what great things He has done for you." (1 Sam. 12:24)

Saying "I Love You"


You think you're bad at saying "I love you?" I'm definitely worse. I am the QUEEN of awkward responses to that lovely sentence of endearment. Call it psychological if you want, but I honestly don't know why I have this problem. I noticed it years ago, but I feel like it has been progressing lately. Responses come in all shapes and sizes, from "you too" to the awkward giggle.

If you've ever received one of my awkward responses, don't take it personal. I sincerely apologize. I love you.

Just kidding. I don't even know you. Probably.