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Save the Date: KC + Michelle


Earlier this month, I shot a fun, practice round of Michelle and KC's engagement pictures! Theeeen, I got to design their save the dates! It's so exciting and satisfying hearing people comment on them! And now I get to share them with the world! (Haha, as if the whole world reads my blog :P)

Satisfaction in a Dumbphone.


Yes, I'm materialistic. I'm human and I live in southern California.

But this whole iPhone thing is getting out of hand. I want an iPhone 4. But I can't get one. Next best thing? iPhone 3gs. Too expensive. Solution? Opting out from the iPhone scene all together. Problem? T-mobile was sneaky when we changed our plan.

They offered a new plan which was cheaper than what we were paying in the past and it offered more. So we changed to that plan. Little did we know that that plan didn't offer phone discounts for upgrades. And supposedly you are never allowed to switch back to your old plan once you've switched to this one. T-mobile fail.

Uggggghhhhhhh. Maybe I'll just move my SIM card back to my old flip phone. That phone did its job just fine. And that way, I wont have to mope about my lack of a better iPhone since I wont even have a smartphone at all.

Life was much more simple before I got a smartphone. There's satisfaction in a dumbphone.

Nail Polish: A Scam


I have SO many different colors of nail polish that through my 22 years of life, I have never finished a bottle.

But yesterday, I came pretty close. Until I came across a problem. The brush doesn't reach to the bottom! What are you supposed to do once you get past the bottom of the brush?! Throw away the last bit??? I bet they do that on purpose, hike up the price because of the net weight even though you wont actually be able to use it all. LAME!

Are there any more scams like this I didn't know about?

First Step Towards Fame.

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There's something about searchability and linkability that excites me.

Go on google images. Type in "coolberry logo." The first result is MIIIIINE!!!!! WOOHOO! This is my first step towards fame :P

P.S. If you haven't already done so, check out my new and improved site at!

Website Makeover

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My website just got a makeover.

I like it. After flipping back and forth between the old one and this one, I don't like the old one at all! Haha. Funny how that happens.

Well, just in case you didn't already see my new and improved site (though I've flooded twitter and facebook with links), check it out @ and let me know what you think!

So now, I have a new website AND an updated portfolio. All I need to do now is to revise my resume. Hopefully after that, a job will be handed to me on a silver platter.

Someone please hire me! 

Children at Weddings


A common trend for weddings these days is to say that children are not allowed. But I think this is a much greater idea.

Hahahaha. What do you think?

Utter Brilliance.


Becoming a Nun - The Solution to all of Life's Problems


Becoming a nun would solve all of life's problems. ALL of them.

How, might you ask? Let me tell you.

I'd have a job—being a nun, of course.
I'd have a place to live—the convent.
I wouldn't need a reliable form of transportation since I wouldn't go anywhere.
Therefore, I wouldn't need money for gas.
I'd have no distractions—convents are completely cut off from the outside world.
Haven't you seen "The Sound of Music"??
Every moment of every day would be filled with Jesus.
There would be no men.

Let me repeat the last one for emphasis.
The would be no men.

Biblical Alliteration

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The Bible is so poetic. 
There is something about poetry
that makes me want to center my type.

The LORD is my stronghold,
my shelter,
my shade.

Ohhh how I love the alliteration.

Read Isaiah 25-26
and feast on God's beauty.

And listen to "Through the Gate"

Blog Hits.

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Note to self:

Write more blogs which include names of famous people such as Michael Phelps. Because of yesterday's post, my blog received more hits than ever before. Well, maybe not more than the time I wrote about my parking at cbu crisis. Haha.

But yes, let's get crackin.

Barack Obama and Michael Phelps


This image popped up under my recommended pages on facebook:

Can someone please explain to me what Barack Obama and Michael Phelps have in common exactly?? Because I don't see any similarities other than the fact that they are both American.

Mug Shot - Santa Cruz, CA

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I love my cousins. They are amazing.
And I do believe this is the best mug shot in the history of mug shots.

More photos.

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Experimentation comes from multiple attempts and multiple failures.

So long, sweet autofocus!


I am now the proud owner of a 50mm f/1.8 lens. 
I love it, but within my first moments of experimentation, 
it taught me to be more appreciative
of autofocus. Even though it is an autofocus lens,
you have to manually focus when using it with a Nikon D5000.
Practice makes perfect, right?

This is me trying to be Enoch. Heh, in my dreams!

Photo Editing.

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I've been on a photo editing craze lately. 
And I contribute that to the fact 
that I've gone on way too many photoshoots recently.
I'm not complaining though! Not at all!
Also, it might be due to an overflow of inspiration
due to the bajillion blogs I follow. 
Stay tuned, folks!

P.S. Whenever you find a pretty mirror,
take a picture in it.

I don't need a significant other...


I'm significant all by myself.


Michelle + KC: Engagement Shoot


On Sunday, I went on an Engagement Shoot with Michelle and KC! It was tons of fun!

Here are some of my favorites!

Toms Wedges


There's just something about shoes. They tug a certain string in my heart.

I love Toms this was love at first sight!

Ooooooh I can't wait til these come out! :)

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