Anti-Napping Baby

For the past week, my baby boy has decided he is an anti-napping baby. His last decent nap was 6 days ago and I can't seem to get him to sleep longer than 40 minutes at a time during the day. Up until yesterday, this was maaaajorly stressing me out. It's nearly impossible to get anything done when you have a 3 month old that's constantly awake. My momma friends kept trying to reassure me and let me know that this is just a phase and I shouldn't worry about housework and things like that, but their advice was going in one ear and out the other...until yesterday.

I don't know what it was that did it yesterday, probably the grace of God, but it all finally clicked yesterday. So what that my baby needs to be fed to sleep. So what that he needs to be held to remain asleep. This is just a phase, and I'll probably miss it when it is gone. So I'm gonna cherish these moments with my baby boy. I'll hold him, I'll cuddle him. All day if that's what he wants. The housework can wait.

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