Ethan - 4 months old

I'm improving! Only 6 days late this time! Ha!

I'm 4 months old today and getting a lot more mobile. 
This past month, I've started scooting, both on my tummy and on my back. Mommy always has to pull me closer when I scoot away while she's changing me. 
My favorite songs are Jesus Loves Me and Row Row Row Your Boat.
I learned how to blow raspberries and how to scream and I do it lots and lots. 
I think it's funny when people close their eyes, so it makes me laugh when Mommy and Daddy pray with me before bed! 
I've discovered that I can control my hands and even learned to throw! 
I started teething, but I've discovered that the best medicine is extra cuddles from Mommy and Daddy.

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