Lust List

I have a board on pinterest called Lust List. Occasionally, I pin things I want.

Today, I decided to do something a little different. My birthday is in 5 I thought I'd make a little compilation. Just in case you wanted to buy me something, but weren't sure what to buy, I've made it very easy for you.

Map watch (on eBay) • Bright Orange Fossil Memoir Satchel (This is an old item so it can only be found on eBay!) • H&M Gift Card (at H&M or on • Kindle Paperwhite (on Amazon) • Toms Sandals (on the Toms site—I'm a UK4) • Fossil Georgia Wrap-around Watch (at a Fossil store or on Fossil's site) • 
One Line a Day Journal (on Amazon)

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