Lust List: The Christmas Edition (Revised)

(Updated Dec. 3)

I post a Christmas Lust List about a month ago but I felt the need to give it an update, just in case any of you were feeling ultra generous this year.

Believe it or not, I received an iPhone 6 already! :-D :-D :-D

Also, Monsters Inc. is now on Netflix.

So here ya go! The updated version!

• Fossil Georgia Wrap-around Watch (at a Fossil store or on Fossil's site)
• H&M Gift Card (at H&M or on
• Wraparound Black watch (on Swatch) • Map watch (on eBay)
• Kindle Paperwhite (on Amazon
• Bright Orange Fossil Memoir Satchel (This is an old item so it can only be found on eBay!) 
• Toms Sandals (on the Toms site—I'm a UK4) 
• High Boots (at H&M—Size 3.5) 
• Toms Black Leather Desert Wedge Highs (on the Toms site—I'm a UK4) 
• Holga Lens for my Nikon (from Photojojo) • Black Strappy Sandals (at H&M—Size 3.5) 
Matilda (on Amazon) • Beauty and the Beast (on Amazon)

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